Need Help? Email Me HERE

Need Help? Email Me HERE
Discover How These Influencers & Creators Are Making
6-Figures effortlessly By Selling Simple $17-$47 Products to their followers
Without Being Dependant On Sponsorships, Brand Deals Or Selling Expensive Courses - And Best Of All - Getting Paid On-Demand
Now, that’s a mouthful… and WAY too good to be true. I agree.

So before we continue, let me show just a few screenshots of time frames so you can get a sense of what’s possible:
This is what the first day of the launch looks like for our small account...

The crazy thing is that we only had 271 purchases...

This is what 2 launches using the Monetize First system can do in a month with digital products. (On the 2nd and 26th)

This is what happened when we sold the exact product our followers are asking for.

Over €75,000 in a single launch to bring us close to half a million dollar sales in a year.

Monetize First System Feature

The reason I showed you that is so that you know what's on this page is 110% legit.

And it works.

But, unlike most coaches and courses you’ve seen in the past, twisting your arm to make you buy whatever they are selling at crazy prices…

Pushing you as hard as possible, with ridiculous claims, and statistics… explaining how their product is the only path to freedom or the world’s going to end…

I won’t try to do that… nothing even remotely close.

I want to present you with some facts, I want to show you “the lay of the land” and where the social media world is moving…

And point you in the simplest, fastest, and easiest direction to take advantage of what you already have…

“Recognizing your earning potential, and riding the wave of your creation is where the most wealth is made…”
Sounds good?

Ok… let’s dive in.
Expensive courses, product sponsors, brand deals, DMing people day in and day out, negotiating fees, hard selling courses and products…

That’s not sustainable.

You know you don’t want to do that for the rest of your life.
The 3 biggest mistakes most influencers and content creators make
  • They follow how other people sell high ticket courses and coaching. 
  • Their only source of income are brand deals and sponsorships.
  • They pray and hope their lifestyle can last forever and waiting for the big break.
And some people are surprisingly pretty happy with that… but, some are not.

What if I told you, it works better the other way?

Let me rephrase…

If you have the ability to grow your following to where it is now, you have the ability to make your followers give you money...

…and the Monetize First method will very quickly result in quick wins you can implement right now to significantly change your life.

The game is the same, the minds of our audience have matured.

People have been sitting through WAY too many “product promotions” where they are exposed to "buy this" content for years…

Swiping away and “skipping” is the norm.

I’m guessing you have heard of ad blindness. Right?

You can see it from a mile away.

Everyone and their grandmother knows what an ad is.

Here’s what is scarier…

After all that hard work growing your following and building engagement…
  • Do most followers buy your products…?
  • Are you selling your followers to other businesses…?
  • DMing brands to sell your influence…?
  • ​Do followers even like your promoted content…?
  • ​Can you really promote products everyday…?
  • ​Will your income scale?

Not really a dream scenario, right?

And certainly not fun at all.

Because, the reality is, we all started this journey online for a simple reason…

And yeah, money is a big one… but if you dig deeper, money is never the main driver.

For almost all influencers and creators we ever worked with it was these 2:
That’s it…

You agree?

I thought you would…

How much faster would you find freedom if most of your followers buy from you?

If I can show you a way that’s going to take you to that freedom…

Financial freedom.

Time freedom.

Freedom of choice.

And allow you to actually provide even more value to your followers and audience…

...while earning a consistent income every month.

A way that’s proven, faster, a lot less risky, and a bit different than what you’ve planned when you were starting out…

Would you be interested?

Yep? Amazing.

It’s going to require some work on your part (I’m sure you are not afraid of putting in the hours for something done only once but pays far more consistently and better.)

But it’s gonna allow you to reach a point where a really small percentage of influencers and creators end up…

Especially a point where the top celebrity influencers and creators are already enjoying the benefits…

What if you could:

Make money from day 1 after you launch
Live a freedom filled life without money issues
Create ONCE and get 5-figures every month
Sell a $17-$47 product to most of your followers who needs it
Today I want to show you how to take advantage of a method that influencers and creators are using to go to the top…
"It's the first time I've moved away from licensing deals and transitioned into being an owner"
- Kim Kardashian
According to Forbes she cashed in on that ownership in 2020 when she sold 20% of the company for to Coty for $200 million.

But before we continue, I want to make something clear...

Although this is an unparalleled way to grow your income stream in 2023…

It is NOT working that insanely well because we invented the rocket to take you to Mars.

It is working because YOUR followers LOVE you!

And it’s working because they want to be like you.

That’s it.

The frame of mind of all your followers aligns perfectly with the model you are about to learn.

And that’s what’s making it so powerful and so effective… and that’s how we are seeing results like these:
Ok, I’ll break it down for you in just a moment, but first, let me tell you if this is for you…
If you...
  • Are an influencer or a content creator with your own courses and coaching to sell… but struggling to get your followers to buy.
  • ​Do not have any of your own products to sell.
  • ​Do not want to go through hours of creating your own product.
  • ​​Don’t know how you can launch successfully for instant capital.
  • ​​Are relying on other brands and businesses to fund your lifestyle.
  • ​​Are tired of DMing and posting, spending your days on social media without any significant results.
  • ​Have thousands of followers or audiences but do not know how to monetize them.
If you’ve nodded your head on any of these, Monetize First is gonna be heaven-sent to you.
  • Monetize First solves the problem of inconsistent income to income-on-demand.
  • Monetize First helps you sell quick win products that followers will buy.
  • ​​Monetize First allows you to impact more followers while maximizing your profit.
  • Monetize First increases the amount of purchases of your high-ticket products.
  • ​Monetize First creates an income machine from your social media.
  • ​​Monetize First is an evolved way of running a social media account.
That’s what makes this unique.

Monetize First method does not require much, if any, cost to make your first profit. The sales are automated, and it’s much easier to sell as well.

Plus… and this is something no one else ever talks about…

It will build your authority among your audience… allowing you to, after enough products, stop talking about it in your posts and still monetising new followers everyday.

And here’s probably the BIGGEST thing Monetize First is going to do for you and for your brand…

The Monetize First method will allow you to identify what’s known as the HOLY GRAIL in social media…
provide a lower barrier of entry to impact more people.
get paid more.
It doesn’t get easier than that.

And that’s what the top influencers and creators are doing!

While most influencers and creators are taken advantage of to sell other people’s products…

…or leaving money on the table because people aren’t buying your valuable products…

Monetize First will quickly position you as an authority in your field… and it’ll have your followers come to you asking where’s the checkout page!

…instead of you trying to get them to buy or begging other people for paychecks.

So, how does the Monetize First method actually work?
Well, there are really only
4 steps to it...
  • STEP 1 - Identify what your followers want
  • STEP 2 - Create the quick win product
  • STEP 3 - Letting your followers know about it
  • STEP 4 - How to sell it and sell more of it
That’s it.

So let’s break these 4 bad boys down…
Identify what your followers want
Selling a product, digital or physical, is a process that shouldn't be hard to do.

If it is HARD, then it is NOT worth it.

So to simplify it, you need to know what your followers want.

This is where most people screw up...

What you think is valuable is not what your audience values.

Yes, you might already be selling a few things but you might not be getting a sale everyday.
This means that’s not what the majority of your followers are looking for.

Get it?

When you know exactly what your followers want, it’s going to be a lot easier to get them to buy it.

It’s also going to be a lot easier to sell it when your followers know you’re going to create it.

They will be expecting it.

One way to do it...

Ask them “What are you struggling with [your niche] now?”

Or, if your brand doesn't solve problems..

"What would be cool for me to create for you?"

Then, when the answer presents itself, you need to know what to do with the answer…

…which leads us to…
Create a quick win product
This is going to be your main product.

It can be digital or physical.

It should cost between $17-$47.

It HAS to take the least effort to create and has to be exactly what your audience wants.

The best way to create this is actually to assemble what you already have and repackage it...

...or do what I originally started out with, which is to buy the rights of one.

Still, it doesn't have to be an existing product.

I'll give you an example...


You're a person who have a strict diet or a daily routine. Your audience will probably want to follow that, so all you have to do is assemble what you are already doing and "explain" it.

Do you see it now?

It's simple.

Another method is to pick a few specific items from your existing products and bundle them together to solve the problem you found your audience to be having.

The reason why I'm telling you this is because I don't want you spend days, weeks or months "creating" a complicated product.

Got that?


Now you need to...
Let your followers know about it
When you have confirmed what your audience want...

When you have a product that suits their request...

You will be ready for a pre-launch.

Do a story.

Post a couple of short and sweet content...

Let them know the launch date.

That's it.

Don't overcomplicate it.
But, do NOT be vague.

You want to talk directly to your audience and tell them what the product can do for them.

The best promotional content are usually those who 'show and tell' exactly how to use the product and what happens after it is used.

That's it.

Do. Not. Complicate.

If your product is good, it will do the selling for you.

You do not need to sell it.

All that's left is to launch the product.
How to sell it and sell more of it
"Would you like fries with that?"

You've heard that phrase before.

It adds a whopping 15-40% of McDonald's annual profits.

The same strategy can be used for us, and you may or may not have heard this term.

We call this the "upsell"...

..and how does this look like in results?
Upsells are something that has more value than the first product you create.

Usually these are your higher priced courses, coaching or a high ticket product.

By utilising the "Fries Method", there will be more followers who will be exposed to your higher priced product's value.

Basically, they are paying you $17-$47 for the initial product, to learn about the next higher value product and given a chance to purchase it.
Do you see that?

It works AMAZINGLY well!

This is what a proper business structure has to look like and we're only applying the same method to influencers and creators.

Trust me on this one...

There is NO other way around it.

The first step, is to sell your $17-$47 product.

Once that sells, the rest will be EASY.

I'm giving you the keys of the kingdom here.
That’s what a 7-figure social media brand looks like in today’s world.
Take these 4 steps, implement them in this order, and I can guarantee you will be blown away with the results you’ll be seeing.

And know that the number one thing that’s going to carry all 4 components on its back is going to be your main product.


If you have a product that’s harder to pass than to get… everything will blossom.

If the product is not top-notch - nothing else will matter.

Now, although I presented these steps like a simple and easy way to achieve your dream outcome…

I promised at the beginning of this letter I will not be BS’ing you.


If you don’t know how to do it, it is not easy!

But, it does not need to be hard.
  • Setting up the website CAN be easy.
  • Setting the tech CAN be easy.
  • ​​Creating the product CAN be easy.
  • Designing the funnel CAN be easy.
  • ​​Announcing the product CAN be easy.
  • ​Automating the sales CAN be easy.
  • ​Doing a launch CAN be easy.
  • ​Crafting the high-value offer CAN be easy.
So here’s what I’ve done for you.

I went inside all of our clients’ businesses (with their permission).

All of the biggest successes we had with low-ticket products and I dissected to the last point… to the T… what made those such a stellar success.
  • The website.
  • ​​The copy.
  • ​The tech.
  • ​The products.
  • ​The offer.
  • ​The announcements.
  • ​The launch.
  • ​The fulfilments.
  • ​The automation.
All details of the best performing for us and for our clients in the past 12 months.

You’ll see exactly how to get followers to rave about the product.

You’re going to get ideas to easily get your product ready in no time.

And you should be ready to get your first sale in around 2 weeks.

14 days.

With all the frameworks and shortcuts we’ll be sending your way.

But, back to no BS'ing you…

Even with all these, you’re going to have questions.

It’s just normal.

There are some things you’re going to receive that are going to be confusing.

So, we’ll include another amazing thing for you.

We created the Monetize First community group inside.

Inside that community, we’ll join you daily to answer any questions you might have for free… and help you with any problems and obstacles you might face.


Copy related.

Product related.

Launch related.




You’ll be just minutes away from having all your questions answered.
Imagine most new followers buying your $17-$47 product, automatically also buying your high ticket products, day in and out.

Providing revenue.

Growing your following.

Living your life on your own terms.

Finally being able to only create all your own content that you love.

All that while getting consistent paychecks month after month.

Talking about working tirelessly, we’ll include a few more amazing things for you.
3-Day Fast Start
In this video series, we will take you by the hand and show you what to do each day, all for one purpose:

To get you to your first sale quickly.

Not everyone is going to be committed to implement even if they have the keys to the world.

Procrastination happens…we get it.

And that’s not going to benefit either of us, so I dedicated my time to create a video series that you can easily follow.

With the 3-Day Fast Start, we are going to put rocket fuel into your social media.

If you are serious about monetizing your influence, just reading the book alone will not help you earn anything...'s TAKING ACTION.

This is the one way that can get you to the results you need, a lot faster, so we're giving this video series to you for free.

But we don’t want to stop there.

There’s another bonus I want to include for you today.
23+ Profitable Product Niches Document
When we first started, many students emailed us with a problem.

They’ve read the book and are ready to implement it.

But, they couldn’t figure out what types of products fit their niches and brands, and so they stopped progressing.

I don’t want this to be an obstacle on your road to financial freedom.

And that’s why, I’ve compiled a list of products our students and clients have used for their brands that made sales on their launch.

All so that you can look at what your audience needs and just simply pick from the list.
Product Profits Calculator
I want to give you our Profits Calculator that we use to have the confidence to take the first step.

With this, we can project our monthly profits even before anything has been done.

And also, with this, we routinely add up to 20% more to the AOV (Average Order Value) on all our launches.

Meaning, we can tweak until we are satisfied with the most profit possible right from the beginning.

Today it’s yours absolutely for FREE as bonus #3.
Monetize First Private Community Access
What if you have questions a week, two, or three down the road?

What if you have questions in 2 months?

So… we decided to make sure we do everything that’s in our power for you to be successful.

That’s the reason we added the Monetize First community group.

Inside that community, we’ll join you daily to answer any questions you might have… and help you with any problems and obstacles you might face.


Copy related.

Product related.

Launch related.




You’ll be just minutes away from having all your questions answered.
The Ultimate Launch Checklist
And last but not least...

I want to give the checklist we refer to each time we want to launch a new product to create a new income stream.

We’ve done enough trial and error to create the most time and impact optimized sequence for our launches.

There’s so many things to take note of…

So, it’s not weird to miss out a few steps, and resulting in missing out a few thousand dollars.

We don’t want that...

That’s why, with this, you don’t have to spend months figuring out what needs to be done first…

Just follow along a proven direction to make sure everything flows perfectly.

OK, before I tell you how much is the investment for the entire Monetize First method with all 5 bonuses, let me recap everything that’s included:

What you'll get today:

  • The product ideas.
  • The product selection.
  • The product assembling method.
  • ​The best way to discover what your audience wants.
  • ​The maximum profit strategy.
  • ​The simple product delivery.
  • ​The Supercharged Launch Strategy.
  • ​The automation.
  • The tech stack.
  • The monthly income structure.
  • BONUS #1: 3-Day Fast Start to get your first sale in 14 days
  • ​BONUS #2: ​Profitable Product Niches List to choose the best product to sell that fits your audience
  • ​BONUS #3: Product Profits Calculator to maximize profits before you even start
  • BONUS #4: Access to the private community group
  • ​BONUS #5: The Ultimate Launch Checklist for your smooth sailing launch, leaving no money on the table.
But wait, there’s still something missing.

A guarantee.

Listen, the reality is…

You have no idea what’s waiting for you inside Monetize First.

It can be low quality… it can be hard to use.

It can be cluttered.


The launch strategy might be bad.

Not functioning.

You never know, right?

We all have these questions when we are joining something new… and we never know what’s waiting for us.

And I don't want you to assume all that risk.

There’s more than enough of the day-to-day stuff that life throws at us we have to deal with…
 stress about, and worry…

So I don’t want the Monetize First to be yet another thing that’s going to take your mental space and worry whether you made the right choice or not.

The Best Guarantee In The World

So when you join me today and you get the Monetize First eBook, I’ll include a no-questions-asked guarantee for a full 30 days.

You’ll have a full month to go through everything, use all the bonuses, create the products, launch it to your followers, and then decide if it was worth the investment.

A lot better deal!

So tap the button below right now, and take advantage of this amazing offer today.

This is not going to stay here forever,
I know that for sure…

We are in the process of turning this offer into an exclusive 1-on-1 done-with-you program…

And when we do, it’s going to be a 5-figure investment and this offer is going to go back into the vault.

So tap the button below right now, get inside Monetize First… use all the bonuses, launch your product, make bank…

And take a full 30 days to decide if it was worth it or not.

If you feel there were better ways to invest $27 dollars, just email me and we are going to send you a 100% refund right there on the spot.

See you inside…
"We definitely cracked the code. In year one we cleared $250 million in retail sales and $110 million gross internally"
- Logan Paul
His net worth has sky rocketed since he launched his own brand 'PRIME'.
Here's Everything You're Getting For Only $27.00 Today
Included With Your Order

3-Day Fast Start Video Series

Jumpstart your success with this quick video series so you can get your first sale quickly.
Included With Your Order

23+ Profitable Product Niches Document

A list of products our students and clients have used for their brands that made sales on their launch. All so that you can look at what your audience needs and just simply pick from the list.
Included With Your Order

Product Profits Calculator

Project your monthly profits even before anything has been done. Tweak until you are satisfied with the expected profit right from the beginning.
Included With Your Order

Monetize First Private Community Access

Get among like minded people on a similar mission as you to find help, support and inspiration - exclusive access ONLY to those who buy the Monetize First book!
Included With Your Order

The Ultimate Launch Checklist

Ready to launch? Check this PDF first so you got everything lined up and make no mistakes.

For one payment of $27

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Read the book directly on your computer, phone, or tablet and start implementing right away.
 Frequently Asked Questions
I want this, what exactly am I getting?
This Monetize First special offer is really special. We wanted to make it so good that you’d feel stupid by not ordering it if monetizing your social media to get more freedom is of any interest to you. What you’ll get in this special offer includes the Monetize First ebook, a document of 23+ product niches to choose from, product profits calculator, access to our private community, a launch checklist and a 3-day fast start video series.
Do you offer more in depth help?
Yes. nothing was held back while writing this book but for the people that want further assistance, we do offer opportunities to "upgrade" your order after purchasing. We also have our group of private clients (by application only) if you want us to help you implement everything.
Who is this for?
This is for anyone who wants to stop being dependent on external businesses like sponsors and brands, while earning predictably every month directly from their social media following. Mainly influencers, content creators, Youtubers, artists, models, and so on.
What is Monetize First?
Monetize First is a digital book and a systematic approach to monetising our influence by selling $17-$47 products to our social media following that actually want to buy it, then turn it into a passive income machine and in turn allowing us to only post actual content that we love.
How is this different than all the other stuff out there?
Generally all the other stuff out there teaches people how to get more sponsored posts or brand deals or selling expensive courses and coaching. Anyone can do that a few times, but then they run into problems when they realize that it’s not consistent and long-term. We have a proven track record of not just profiting from Monetize First for ourselves, but also for our private clients. The other thing our customers LOVE is that you don’t need to spend much money to start generating sales, since all your customers are already at your fingertips waiting to buy from you.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, you get a 30 day money back guarantee in case it's not for you. I even let you keep the book.
This site is not a part of the Meta website or Meta Inc. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Meta in any way. META is a trademark of META, Inc.
This product is brought to you and copyrighted by
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